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Program and Seminar Description:

If your interest plan is to make US your new home, plan to attend this informative seminar that will give you better understanding of the challenges facing you and resources available to you in the USA. American Cultural Education Organization has worked on presenting unbiased practical information with emphasis on improving, understanding and promoting positive relationships.

This is an all-day intensive 2 part seminar addressing and presenting the possible various issues and challenges that individuals will face upon arrival to the US.

1st part explains what you will face as upon arrival to the US and how too better prepare in order to avoid problems

2nd part provides information on various recourses available to you in the USA if you run into difficulties and need help

After attending this seminar, you will have better insight on your upcoming life changes, which may help prepare you for this new life experience.

Seminar program outline:

1        Introduction about the needs and challenges facing individuals coming to the US

2        Upon arrival immediate individual challenges and needs

3       Short term acclimatization needs

4       Language, cultural and education challenges to be experience

5       What you really need to know about your fiance and how to find out

6       What you will need to bring (and not to bring) with you to US?

7       Cost of Living in the US

7       Financial needs and finding a job or pursuing a career

9       Pursuing your educational goals

10       What the US immigration process involves?

11       Planning for Long Term Needs

12       Resources available in the US

O      Legal services

O      Referral

O      Employment placement

O      Educational (language and vocational)

O      Support groups (government, women's organizations, religious)

O      Internet access and other practical methods to maintain family contact

O      Keeping in touch with friends and relatives

O      Russian cultural centers and contacts

O      Translation and Language support

O      Networking and making new friends

O      Embassy and government contacts in the US

13       Occasional we will have guest speakers presenting (who personally went through this experience) will share their experiences and provide valuable input. This will be determined prior to individual seminars.

14       Recourses presently available in their native country

15       Questions/answers session - open

Workshop to be scheduled after the seminar based on the number of individuals interested and based on feedback of immediate questions and needs.


Intercultural Relationship Project Seminar organized by American Cultural Education Organization.

Individuals planning to attend this seminar must register and reserve a space. After completing the registration you will be notified with the conformation number and the location of this very informative seminar. An updated brochure with details will be also available. Check this web site ( for latest updates.

American Cultural Education Organization
San Diego - California - USA

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